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Xiaodong Jiang
Associate Professor

Professional Interests
Internet Marketing, Consumers’ Preventive Health Behaviors, Cause Related Marketing

2001.9-2004.7, Xiamen UniversityEconomicsEconomics, Ph.D
1998.9-2001.7, Xiamen UniversityEconomicsEconometrics, M.A.
1994.9-1998.7, Xiamen UniversityEconomicsStatistics, B.A.

Professional Experience
2013.1-2014.2,Visiting Scholar,Eller College of Management, University of Arizona 2010-Present,Associate Professor,Shanghai University of Finance and Economics 2004-2010 ,Assistant Professor,Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
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  • 021-65906736
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Xiaodong Jiang, (2015), "What Kind of Product Review Is the Most Useful? A Study on the Impact of Online Review's Quantitative and Textual Characteristics on Its Usefulness", Foreign Economics and Management , No. 4 , pp.41-55 .  
With the rapid growth of e-commerce in China,customer reviews on the internet are constantly increasing; more and more product reviews lead to the difficulty in quick positioning the best reviews and understanding product quality as for buyers and sellers.Based on accessibility-diagnosticity model and uncertainty reduction theory,this paper constructs a model of influencing factors of helpfulness of product reviews,and tests the hypothesis by collecting 1238 online reviews of two products.It arrives at the following conclusions:firstly,perceived helpfulness of experience-type product reviews is significantly higher than the one of search-type product reviews; secondly,product types play a regulation role in the effect of rating extremity on perceived helpfulness; compared to search-type products,rating extremity of experience-type products has a stronger positive effect on perceived helpfulness,thirdly,product types play a regulation role in the effect of review objectivity on perceived helpfulness; the objectivity of experience-type product reviews has a significantly positive effect on perceived helpfulness,but search-type products do not have such a effect.This paper not only extends persuasion theory and social interaction theory,but also provides important practice significance for customer interaction management of e-commerce retailers.
Xiaodong Jiang, Weihe Gao, Xue Lian, (2013), "Impact of Conflicting Information on Consumers' Information Search Behaviors: An Empirical Study Based on the Health Claims of Functional Food", Fiance and Trade Reserach , No. 2 , pp.114-121 .  
This paper investigates whether and how conflicting information about functional ingredient influences consumer behavior through experimental method.The results from experimental study are as follows:(1) In the presence of conflicting (versus complementary) information about efficacy of a particular functional ingredient,consumers are more likely to search new information.(2) Need for cognitive closure negatively moderates the effect of conflicting information on consumer's information search intention.(3) The attitudinal ambivalence about healthy ingredient mediates the effect of conflicting information on consumer's information search intention.
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