• 1、Industrial Economics
    enterprise strategic managements, organizational economics, multinational firms, and international trading companies, organizations and institutions. They are also expected to gain knowledge in computers and IT techniques and fluent with at least one foreign language. After graduation they will be mainly engaged in marketing research and business planning for large firms, public traded companies, consulting firms, investment banks, and regulatory and administrative governmental agencies. Some o...
  • 2、Human Resource Management
    practice of human resource management, psychology, organizational behavior, leadership, labor economic, international human resource management comparison, and strategic human resource management, etc. Graduates of our department are required to master techniques of personnel management plans, sound communication and management ability, and professional English. They are able to work as human resource managers in all levels of organizations, or offer consultation services in consulting c...
  • 3、Tourism Management
    The graduates should master theories and methods of international tourism management, and have a good command of English, and have the expertise of managing tourism industry and enterprises at home and broad. The graduates are not only good at the principles and methods of Economics and Management, but also Tourism Management, Tourism Marketing, Hospitality Industry Managerial Accounting, Principles and Methods of Tourist Destination Development and Management, Hotel Management, Travel A...
  • 4、Faculty
    Name Title Supervisor Research Interest Che Weihan Professor PhD supervisor Theory&Policy of International economics,Japan and Eastern Asia Economy,Theory of Economic History Zhu Zhongdi Professor PhD supervisor International Economics and Trade,World Economy Lin Jue Professor PhD supervisor World Economy Jin Yuying Associate Professor PhD supervisor Theory of Exchange Rate& Exchange Rate behavior,Money Crisis
  • 5、Research Center for Marketing
    “The Research Center for Marketing ” is a key research institute of Shanghai University of Finance & Economics (SHUFE). Taking advantage of the strengths and prestigious reputation of SHUFE, we focus on the most advanced theoretical and practical issues in the field and work hard to become one of the best research platforms in the academic realm of marketing in China. Sticking to innovative orientation, leading into the latest subject, basing on the situation of China, studying the p...
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