Shanghai University of Finance and Economics centennial of painting and calligraphy exhibition call

In 2017, our school will celebrate the 100 anniversary. To celebrate the 100 anniversary of the birthday of the school, the school held a celebration of the theme of painting and calligraphy exhibition in during the anniversary.

Activity name: one, "100 years of banking, ink impression"

Two, the organizer: School of trade unions

Co organizer: School propaganda department, development cooperation, retired at work, the Communist Youth League

Three, solicitation scope: all the teachers and students, alumni and the concern and support the development of the school from all walks of life.

Four, the solicitation requirements:

1 styles of calligraphy, painting is not restricted.

2 healthy content upward, innovative, combined with the school anniversary theme.

Op. 3, the maximum of no more than 6 feet the whole piece, without mounting.

Five, works review: recruit specialists work committee, out of exhibition works.

Six, the author works rights and treatment: selected exhibitors awarded a certificate and giftworks. The submitting author souvenir. Entries are not returned to school, work rights and interests.

Seven, the submission time: call up since this day, the deadline December 30, 2016.

Eight, received:

Delivery place: School Staff Union

Delivery place: the school committee of students

Alumni sent manuscript: School of trade unions

Union of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

In December 8, 2014

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