Research Center for Marketing

     “The Research Center for Marketing ” is a key research institute of Shanghai University of Finance & Economics (SHUFE). Taking advantage of the strengths and prestigious reputation of SHUFE, we focus on the most advanced theoretical and practical issues in the field and work hard to become one of the best research platforms in the academic realm of marketing in China. 

    Sticking to innovative orientation, leading into the latest subject, basing on the situation of China, studying the practical problems and setting up the theory system is Our working principle. We invite scholars to work together on front-line focal issues of marketing through public bidding every year and organize various kinds of academic seminars too.

    The research center established the academic committee that made up by famous experts in the field of marketing from both inside and outside the SHUFE and has several full-time researchers. The director of the research center is professor Chao Gangling.

    The Research Center for Marketing of SHUFE warmly welcome teachers, researchers, students and business executives all over the world who are interested in the field to pay attention to us, support us and work together with us. 


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