Notice on the organization of grade 2013 students take digital photos

In two, the matters needing attention:

1, in the shooting scene for the white paper bag, fill in the relevant information and check thepaper, especially the identity card number and number must be accurate, the number columnmust be marked "graduate", "master", "master" or "equivalent for the degree".

In Study 2, 2013 before taking digital photos of the students can also take pictures in the threeday.

3, the digital photos will be used for the production of graduation certificate and degree certificate, so please inform the student must dress neatly, the official pictures, bring your ID card, student card or student card and cash 12 yuan.

4, to take the time to the school, please go to the following locations: the gate building No. 520 Shanghai, Yishan Road 20 building room 9 (near Zhongshan Road) Shanghai tide source digital technology Co.

Tel: 021-64682836-803

Please make sure all of the specific time, place and the matters needing attention to graduate in 2015 June and each of the year for the degree of master's degree students and employees to equivalent for a master's degree in personnel.

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In September 9, 2014

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