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In 2012 October the project (including 2012 May project delays end) of college ...
The project in October 16 prior to the "innovation and entrepreneurship training programs for college students of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics reporttable", a summary report of the project and the project results ...
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     Department of industrial economics Shanghai University of Finance and Economics is one of theoldest, formerly known as "industrial economy system". In order to adapt to the changing of China'splanned economic system to market economic system, more conducive to the development of science, our school reforms in the country early in the original industrial economy course,introduces the economic aspects of the curriculum. The mid 1990's, the "industrial economy" was renamed "industrial economy system". At present, the system of "industrial economics" professionalfor the city of Shanghai and the Ministry of finance of the key disciplines.

     Department of industrial economics professional characteristics, with industrial economics doctoral and master's degree. Strong teachers, there are 14 teachers, including 4 professors, 4 associate professors. 8 of teachers have doctor degree at home and abroad. The vast majority of teacherswith overseas study or training experience. Have been identified, the main research directions arethe industrial organization and public policy, industrial structure and industrial policy, the service economy, the futures economy analysis.

     Department of industrial economics since its establishment has undertaken a number of NationalNatural Science and social science research fund project, as well as the Ministry of education and Shanghai municipal social science research projects, and has achieved many significant results.The teachers won many major awards, written by the teacher in the Department of the Ministry of education monographs and textbooks has won the excellent teaching material.

     Department of industrial economics teaching and research often communicate with foreign famousbusiness school, pay close attention to research and management practice. Don't regularly invited to visit famous scholar research institutions abroad to give lectures, and keep in touch with the academic organization, the famous well-known enterprises at home and abroad.

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