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2009 school year, the last reminder thesis defense
2009 students enrolled in writing papers remind you again: this year, October 24 is the last pay period of the paper, also the last chance to reply, otherwise the entire performance (including national standardized test scores) a...
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     World Economy and Trade Department has a strong faculty and a long history of the school.
     History of the World Economy and Trade Department of the world economic system can be traced to my school, established in 1979, when there were only a few universities have this discipline. At present, the world economy and trade department has two doctoral programs, three master's degree programs, namely the World Economic professional doctoral and master points, international trade professional doctoral and master's degree, in addition to professional master's degree in International Business . Among them, the international trade Ph.D.-granting in 1998, is the third country to obtain the professional doctoral-granting units. 1995 Shanghai Municipal Education Commission on International Trade to assess the jurisdiction of the university, the department of international economic and trade professionals won first place and was named the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission key disciplines in 1998. The specialty is the Ministry of Education focused on building specialty.
World economy and trade department has 17 teachers, are:
     Car-dimensional Han (Dean), Bo (Department Deputy Director);
     (Alphabetical order by last name) Bao Xiaohua, Paul Chan, Gao Xiang, Guo Yu Festival, Jinyu Ying, Portland should be raw, Jue Lin, Long Ouen, Pengfu Yong, Wang Genbei, Yu Chi, Yang Pei Lei Yue bite Xing, Zhang Haidong, Zou Qi.
     Six of which are professors, associate professors 6, lecturers 3. The vast majority of these teachers with doctorates (including overseas graduate schools). Compared with other institutions, the department faculty have obvious advantages, has formed a lean, we bring together a reasonable age structure, teaching and research faculty strength.
     In personnel training: During the "Eleventh Five-Year", the Department of the world economy, international trade and international business professional, undergraduate and graduate co-culture were more than 700 people, Ph.D. nearly 80 people. These students went across the country, most of them working in scientific research, universities, foreign management, multinational companies and financial institutions and other departments. Graduates feedback about the news that a good idea of the quality of graduates, professional ability, foreign language proficiency is generally high, most of them become the backbone of each workplace, in order to promote China's economic construction and social progress, including Shanghai's done out of the contribution.

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