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The Department of Human Resource Management was established at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in 1999. Currently, the Department has built up an all-round talent cultivation system for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students. All the full-time instructors have doctoral degrees, and some of them graduated from famous universities in North America and Hong Kong. Besides, the Department employs Professor Huang Xu from Hong Kong Baptist University to work as a distinguished visiting professor, and irregularly invites visiting scholars from famous overseas academic institutions to give lectures.

Since its establishment, the Department has undertaken tens of national-level natural science and social science research projects, social science research project of the Ministry of Education and Shanghai City, as well as research projects of enterprises, and has obtained a series of important research results. So far, it has published tens of high-quality papers in Chinese and English at top tier management journals locally and internationally, includingAcademy of Management Journal, Journal of Applied PsychologyOrganization Science, Economic Research, and Management World, etc.

Driven by the vision ofsetting up first-class human resources management research center at Mainland Region, with top-end academy as a grasp, it implements the strategyof grasping with two hands, that is, “bringing in” and “going out”. On the one hand, the specialty keeps extensive cooperation relationship and teaching and scientific research communication with a lot of famous universities and scientific research institutions at home and overseas, as well as peers at Taiwan District, and pays close attention to frontier research topics and practical problems of management. “Frontier Research Forum of Human Resources” held by the specialty every year has become one of the brand forums for top-end human resources management at Mainland Region, and the guests invited are all top scholars at home and overseas. On the other hand, instructors, postgraduates and undergraduates of the specialty frequently study in other nations and Hong Kong to participate research collaboration and various international academic conferences in recent years, to demonstrate high-end research achievements of our specialty to the world.

The Department attaches great importance to the basic theory research on human resources, applies theories and methods of modern human resources management, and studies theories, methods and policies of human resources in China. Meanwhile, it also strives hard to solve practical problems in human resources management of enterprises in China. It insists on the principle of wide covering range and refined specialized courses in the training program for students at all levels. Moreover, it has also cooperated with a lot of enterprises and set up a practice base, and students trained by it are very popular in the society because of their solid professional basis, and wide scope of knowledge.

Selected Paper
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