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In 2012 October the project (including 2012 May project delays end) of college ...
The project in October 16 prior to the "innovation and entrepreneurship training programs for college students of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics reporttable", a summary report of the project and the project results ...
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      Enterprise management system is one of the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics has a long history. In twentieth Century 80 time, focus on management,enterprise is the establishment of management research, teaching and practice foundation, established a complete theory of practice, management method,management management as one of the enterprise management system, the formation of a reasonable structure, high level of academic echelon. Department of business administration in 1990 approved the establishment of the master of enterprise management, and in the early 90's began training, business management, is one of the earliest established, the orientation of enterprise management institutions.

      Department of Business Administration Master of business management with enterprise management, Ph.D., industrial and commercial management point. Strong teachers,there are 16 teachers, including 3 professors (doctoral tutor 3), 10 associate professors. 10 of teachers have doctor degree at home and abroad. The vast majority of teachers with overseas study or training experience. Research has identified the direction of strategy management, organization theory, entrepreneurship and innovation, corporate culture, management ethics.

      Department of business administration has undertaken a number of National Natural Science and social science research fund project, as well as the Ministry of education and Shanghai municipal social science research projects, and has achieved many significant results. The teachers of the Department are important journals at home and abroad, such as "organization science", "management", published in the world. Theteacher wrote the award-winning monographs and textbooks.

      The Department aims to train with a solid theoretical foundation of economics and management, master the scientific analysis tools and research methods at home and abroad, have a professional business management knowledge and managementdecision-making ability of professional management personnel and researchers. Theregular teaching and research exchanges at home and abroad academic organizations,foreign business school, hold conferences and invite foreign scholars to give lectures;we still keep in touch with enterprises, established a practice base.

Selected Paper
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