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Please make sure all of the specific time, place and the matters needing attention to graduate in 2015 June and each of the year for the degree of master's degree students and employees to equivalent for a master's degree in pers...
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      Shanghai University of Finance and Economics is one of the institutions of higher learning in China after the reform and opening up the earliest establishment of marketing major. Over the years, our marketing department in the field of academic research and teaching, has made gratifying achievements and experience, and form their own characteristics and style. The marketing department staff to reflect the interdisciplinary complementarity, wide range of professional characteristics, there are professional research in the marketing model, consumer behavior and marketing strategy. The teaching staff of nearly 80% have doctor degree(including  25%  with marketing PhD overseas market), more than 75% teachers with senior professional title of associate professor or above. In Chao, Chen Qijie, Chen Xinkang, Wang Xinxin, Jiang Ruochen domestic famous marketing experts under the guidance of the teachersteam, play advantage, deepening theoretical research, published many academic works every year in the international and domestic leading journals. 

      I keep a long-term cooperationrelationship with international and domestic many colleges and universities, University of Florida,Northwestern University. USA University of Southern California, Penn State University, University of Arizona, University of Illinois, the University of Texas, Oklahoma State University, University of Toronto, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, Monash University, City University Hong Kong, northern Australia, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University,Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Cheung Kong Graduate School of business, etc. the well-known university professors to give lectures and courses in our department.

       I am most teachers haveoverseas experience. I am visiting scholar in the domestic advanced position at the same time,pay attention to the international marketing theory the new achievements in Chinese business practices and government decision consulting, and Multi-National Corporation, with many large and medium-sized enterprises to establish long-term, the depth of cooperation between.

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