"Entrepreneurship and venture capital" forum to share the third period

Time: on the night of December 8, 2014 18:00-19:40

Location: Wuhan East Campus of T5 University

Introduction to the speaker:

Li Weigang

The current international exchange bank (Shanghai) stake in Cci Capital Ltd deputy general manager, has rich economic theory and investment experience. Once held the post of Shanghai Industrial Holdings Ltd investment management department deputy general manager in Hongkong, responsible for environmental protection, infrastructure, food and other fields of theequity investment and mergers and acquisitions, former Shanghai state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission property management director assistant, has nearly ten of state-owned property rights of grass management policy, system, participate in more than 30 national work the restructuring of large and medium-sized enterprises. Li Weigang holds a PhD in management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Harvard University public management(International Development) Master (MPA) degree, is "Asia Dialogue Society" member ", ininternational financial research," International Journal of Development Issues core periodicals at home and abroad published nearly twenty papers.

Zhong Qingyun

At Dfj DragonFund investment fund manager, responsible for the evaluation and identification ofInternet new investment opportunities, participation in management, assist the invested enterprise operation tracking issues, as well as the fund investor relationship maintenance.Before joining Dfj DragonFund before, who worked in the accounting firm, is mainly responsible for the large and medium-sized enterprises and foreign exchange audit annual audit.

Song Zhiyong

Now the Guotai Junan Securities equity investment department senior researcher, the current research is focus on industries including automotive, the Internet and the media industry etc..Graduated from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Department of statistics,Shanghai University of Finance and Economics MBA in reading. Served in Guotai Junan Securities mergers and acquisitions headquarters, the Department of direct investment and equity investment department, one or two levels of investment securities market with many years experience, as well as the listing Corporation industry experience in mergers and acquisitions.

(source: Shanghai University of Finance and Economics International College of businessmanagement innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center)

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