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  Junior Achievement (JA) is an international non-profit organization started in 1919 in USA. Junior Achievement uses hands-on experiences to help young people understand the economics of life. In partnership with business and educators, Junior Achievement brings the real world to students, opening their minds to their potential. Junior Achievement has almost seven million members in 120 countries.

   Junior Achievement China (JA China) was established with the help of the Paul Zhou and the foundation sponsored by his family in 1993. And it was registered in 1995. To meet the increasing demand, JA china now has 19 programs and activities in more than 160 schools in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, to teach young people how to develop their business skills. During last year, there are 62, 315 students participating in classes in china.

   In September of 2003, JA China came to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. So far, we have been twice awarded with the only ‘excellent team’. The various activities we carried out mainly including three parts as follows: 
   Regular courses
   Regular courses are the most important programs of JA SHUFE. We can receive more than 650 applications every semester, some of which are from other schools. And about 180 students can finally take part in the courses on the average. We have opened seven series of courses and the scale of our courses is the largest one in all universities in Shanghai.

   We provide three courses. They are MESE, CG (Career go) and GBE (Global Business Ethics).

   The software of MESE is designed for all grades students who want to learn how businesses are organized and operated. The students are entitled to make a series of decisions, such as price, marketing, R&D investment and so on. Throughout the competition of 6-8 companies in charge of these students, they can gain skills they needed to succeed in business after they leave school.

   The target of CG is to help undergraduates to be ready for the job hunting. They can be more familiar and confident after listening to the experience of job interview of consultants. And some consultants are HR. Their sharing broadens the horizon of students and does good to their future.

   The goal of GBE is to teach young people that businesses should support environmental and social issues and should operate honestly. Students can build a better core value by case study and group discuss.
   Special events
   Apart from those courses, we also have some special events, GE Workshop, Leadership forum, etc.

   Junior Achievement Volunteer day(JAVD)is one of the most important international events every year. It is a festival of volunteers on 21st October. Many successful businessmen come to the campuses that day, sharing their opinions and experience with students. JA SHUFE celebrates the JAVD with two activities: Lecture and CG Workshop. CG Workshop is the essence of CG, aiming at developing students’ ability of career planning and job interviewing. There are more than 1500 students benefiting from JAVD in SHUFE.

   In September of 2005, we organized a GBE case-study competition of 6 university including Fudan University, Jiao tong University and Shanghai University. The considerate and well-prepared organization won the praise of other Universities.
   Volunteer recruiting
   We recruit the volunteer teachers for middle and primary schools in SHUFE every year. It yields a wide influence among students and we were glad to receive 100 applications in a week,
   During the past 3 years, we earned a good reputation among institutions and universities in Shanghai with the strong support of our teachers and the great efforts of our team members, More than 1500 students have attend our activities. And 300 odd among them are inspired by voluntary spirit and became a member of our team. To our widest joy, we have been twice awarded with the only ‘excellent team’ of all universities. In addition, our experience is learnt and adopted by other universities, which can improve the overall level of JA Shanghai.

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